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Managing Team

The DramaLlama management team, a diverse group of innovative leaders, combines deep expertise in technology, marketing, and community engagement to drive the growth of our unique social media platform dedicated to the Boys' Love (BL) genre.

Our Team.

We pride ourselves on a team that's as diverse and dynamic as the community we serve. Beyond our leadership, our strength lies in the vibrant array of non-managing members - the creative minds and technical wizards who bring our vision to life. From the software engineers who architect our innovative platform to the social media managers who engage our community, each member plays a pivotal role. Their unique talents and dedication are the bedrock of our mission to celebrate and elevate BL, ensuring an unparalleled experience for our users. Together, they embody the spirit of DramaLlama: innovative, inclusive, and passionately committed to connecting and empowering the BL community.

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