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Welcome to the Herd!

Thank you for visiting us here at DramaLlama, the best social media app you never knew you needed! So, what exactly is DramaLlama? Glad you asked! DramaLlama is one central place for everything you need as a consumer and lover of BL. Founder and CEO, Shawn Fraine, envisioned a space where the lonely internet pockets of the BLverse are able to come together to find information and community.

Ok. Sounds good. What do I get from DramaLlama?

Lots of things.


First of all, you can create and participate in your own herds. Herds are your communities. You can share your ideas and catch up on the thoughts of your BL friends. You can chat with liked-minded BL fans. Gone are the days of fujoshi and fudanshi isolation. BL Lovers Unite!

Series and Actor Pages

Follow your favourite series to keep track of all the necessary information - story summaries, air dates, actors... On your actor pages, you will be able to find out more about all your faves. In the future, you will also be able to interact with actors through the app.


Keeping track of what is showing on which platform on which day is not small feat. No worries. We at DramaLlama got you covered with our BL calendar. Keep track of all your shows and other important BL events.


The more you interact with our app, the more it gets to know you and your preferences. Before you know it, you will be seeing personalised recommendations pop up in your series and calendar pages. Whoa! Me likey. How do I stay up to date?

Keep track of what's up on your preferred social media platform. Click the icons on the top of this page to join us on YouTube, X, TikTok, Instagram or Facebook. Can't wait to see you guys in app! Faithful servant of Our Liege Llama, Yemi.

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