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Testing, testing, 1, 2, 3!

Ladies and gentlefolk, llamas and not-so-gentlefolk! The DramaLlama app is now in the internal testing phase! A year and a half since the original idea popped up in CEO, Shawn Fraine's head and he bounced it off Miguel (UI Design) and Topher (Director of Growth), after months of development, tons of management meetings, growth meetings and refining our product vision, we are finally here.

A sneak peek, but not really

The actual interface and related details are still company secrets and I am not gonna go all WikiLeaks, but here's what I can tell you without spilling the iced moccha latte beans...


One of the biggest draws of DramaLlama is being able to keep track of all the times and dates of all the BLness in one place. While not yet populated with all the rich and diverse offerings us BL lovers currently enjoy, the calendar is calender-ing. Updates from the man behind the curtain are functional and you can choose to add your own events as well! Forget other planners, use the Llama. Let BL take over your life. Be honest, you know you wanna.

Social Media

Another one of the early ideas behind the platform was the social aspect. For interfans, BL is a very lonely space. Actually, who am I kidding? I live in the birthplace of BL AND speak a bit of all the major "BL languages" AND average one fan meeting a month, and it's still a lonely space for me, too. DramaLlama is set to be a dedicated safe space to find your tribe.

Making my first post, complete with pic from the April 7th Pit Babe fan meeting (which was amazing, thanks for asking), after months of working so hard was such a special feeling. But, of course, social media is all about socialising. I can’t wait for you guys to join us.

The Next Steps

Of course, there is more than the calendar and the post feature on the inside, but you will have to wait a little longer for access to our goodies.

In the meantime, our internal testers are providing feedback for the tech team to polish up this early incarnation of the app. Once the team is satisfied, then we hand the baton over our beta testers: early subscribers, and some tiers of Patreon supporters and Kickstarter backers, among others. Then, it’s another round of feedback before we add to and improve our existing features. And of course, work out any bugs. Because kinks are great in BL dramas, but not so fun in computer code.

Otsukaresama desu!

That’s what we say in Japan to acknowledge each other’s hard work. As the baby of the DramaLlama team, I would like to send a big ole “Otsukare-llama” to my sempai, with a super-special shout out to our Chief Technical Officer, Dr. Raj Singh. (I’m geriatric in real life, one foot in the river Styx, but I am still the newest one here, so… I. Am. Baby!)

Anyhow... thanks for your hard work, team. We've got a long, long road ahead, but just look at how far we've come.

Watch this space....

The DramaLlama app still has a little ways to go before the full public launch. But keep your eyes out on this blog and all our social media. It may be sooner than you think!

Your Llama Mama,


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