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GMMTV UP & ABOVE Part 2 recap

GMMTV dropped the Part 2 of their 2024 lineup. Here is our list of trailers, with a summary of the basics. I've included the time stamps from the live broadcast, so you can check out the cast interviews as well.

  1. Ossan's Love (39:49) This adapatation of TV Asahi's (Japan) hit show was announced in Part 1 last year, but this our first trailer. Shenanigan comedy goes hard in this office romance starring Earth, Mix and Krit Shahkrit. (BL)

  2. Leap Day (50:09) Psychological thriller. Night (Dew) and Day (Pond) are both born on February 29. Every leap year, when their birthday rolls around they are doomed to lose someone they hold dear. Also features Gun, in a role that seems quite autistic savant, and Pahn Pathitta.

  3. The Heart Killers (57:02) Watch the bad guys, Fadel (Joong) and Bison (Khaotung) fall for the guys trying to catch them, Style (Dunk Natachai) and Kant (First Kanaphan) in this crime drama. Kant decides to catch assassins, Fadel and Bison, in return for clearing his criminal record. He did not plan to fall in love for real. (BL)

  4. Friendshit Forever (1:08:01) University story about a social introvert the dark, convoluted relationship she has with her new best friend. In this web of betrayal, what even is the truth? Stars Pat Chayanit as Tulip, Mook Worranit as Baikhao, as well as New Thitipoom and Boun Noppanut.

  5. Perfect 10 Liners (1:16:30) Based on a novel by Jittirain (2gether, Theory of Love, Be My Favourite) this is a light university story about students with perfect 10 faces. Ensemble cast stars shipped couples Force and Book, Perth and Chimon, Junior and Mark, while the supporting cast includes JJ, Drake, Boom, Aou, Poon, Marc (Nattarit), Ford, Earn, Title, and Yacht in his first GMM role, as well as many others. (BL)

  6. Us (1:28:38) Based on a hit novel, this is a two-girls-one-boy love triangle GL. Kawee and Rak are brother and sister who both fall for Pam. Stars Emi, Bonnie and Sing. (GL)

  7. Hide & Sis (1:37:57) In this family, it's every woman for herself. Including the one who gets thrown out of a window at the start. This cut-throat mystery has another large cast which features Jan, Luke, JingJing, Gawin, Lookjun, Piploy, Chimon, Pepper, Ploypach, and Guy.

  8. Heart that Skips a Beat (1:52:21) BoyBand BL featuring Est and the members of GMM boyband, LYKN, William, Lego, Hong, Nut and Tui. Your average Joe crosses paths with superstar boyband, MARS just before their disbandment. . Slowly he and the band's most brilliant star start to fall for each other. (BL)

  9. Break Up Service (2:05:17) In the reverse of Hollywood movie, Hitch, Off Jumpol leads a team of people hired to break couples up. This slapstick comedy also stars Jorin and Godji.

  10. Revamp: The Undead Story (2:14:31) Previously advertised as The Vampire Project, GMMTV's recently acquired show will star Boun and Prem and feature Santa, Luke Peemsan, Mark Jiruntanin, Stamp and Kay. (BL)

  11. Sweet Tooth, Good Doctor (2:23:50) The second Jittirain novel adaptation in this part, this one is a university BL with a sweet comedic vibe. Ohm Thipakorn plays a student with a sweet tooth who needs help from a dentistry student played by Mark Pakin. Since Ohm and Mark played together in Last Twilight, you can watch out for a comedic easter egg in the trailer. Don't miss the interview to see Ohm speaking English. (BL)

  12. Dark Dice (2:36:00) Jumanji meets Alice in Borderland in this action thriller. After a student accidentally starts a game, he and his peers must fight each other until they reach the conclusion. Stars Gemini, Prim, Aungpao and Prom among others.

  13. The Ex-Morning (2:45:15) The KristSingto ship sails again! Krist plays a famous TV reporter who gets demoted after getting caught on camera berating his fellow reporter (played by Aou). To get his reputation back, the company brings in a specialist, who just happens to be his ex, played by Singto. Since the story parallels, Singto return in real life, GMM also took the opportunity to announce a KristSingto fan meeting.

  14. Scarlet Heart Thailand. (2:59:20) Based on the novel by Tong Hua, which has already spawned multiple editions across Asia, including Chinese and Korean, this historical drama stars Tu among a smorgasbord - erm, sorry - among a star-studded cast of princes. Look out for Force, Perth, Phuwin, Tay, Fourth, Win, and Nanon. Which shows are you most looking forward to? Since I love shenanigans, horror and psychology, almost the entire list is right up my alley. I am a happy Mama Llama. Yemi.

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